5 Best Personalized Baby Gifts 

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! Cute as Buttons has the best personalized baby gifts of 2024It’s literally the most exciting time ever. Baby season. I call it Baby season because it’s always baby season. Now you might be thinking I really don’t know anyone expecting but just as sure as you think this, soon enough you will be on a mission for a gift. For a baby of course.  Or maybe you’ve just been invited to a baby shower or someone you know just had a baby. And you might even be out of the baby stage and you’re struggling to find that perfect gift. This is where we come in to this story and believe me you will want to read to the end. 

These days, the announcing of a baby and his or her arrival is celebrated in the grandest of ways. And it always involves some form of gift to acknowledge the miracle of a new life. Everyone is happy. And it’s not just the parents or grandparents!  When you find out your sister’s best friend is expecting, you can’t wait to shower that little one with love!

So here’s the thing. Gift giving has become so monotonous and there really is no fun in it when you shop off a registry. Now before you say “Wait a minute! Registries help the new parents only get what they actually want.” Yes I do agree with you! Registries are great for those big items like car seats, strollers and high chairs. But the truth is registries are boring. It’s stuff a new parent needs. But they know they are getting it and there is no sentimental value to any of it. But does that even matter you might ask? Glad you did. Because I think it does. 

Not so long ago, when I became a mom I received personalized blankets for each of my kids when they were born. They were simple blankets that were just the right size and super soft. We used them all the time whether it was to throw in the stroller for a little extra warmth or as the perfect snuggle blanket.  Those little blankets were used and loved and when it was time to move on, they got tucked away in a forever box as a memento of the baby years. And want  to know something? I still remember exactly who gave them to me. Those little personalized items became keepsakes and cherished little pieces of my babies early years. 

So whether you are on the hunt for a baby gift for a first child, second or even third, think about how special it is for that new baby to have something to call their own. It is even more true for those having a second boy or girl because invariably those babies will get lots of hand me downs of clothing and accessories. And there is nothing wrong with that. But it is always those personalized baby gifts for a new baby that are the most memorable.

If you read this far, thanks for sticking with me. I am going to make your gift giving super easy with some of my favorites. These are tried and true and are as popular as the day this business was started well over 21 years ago. These are the types of gifts new moms love and when they need a gift, they become their go to gift. I wouldn’t steer you wrong! And personalized gifts show that you put thought into the gift. They are as unique as the baby receiving it and I know they are definitely appreciated!


Top 5 Personalized Baby Gifts:

  1. Personalized baby blanket

    Ok. So before you tell me how many blankets they already have and how Grandma Jane crocheted a blanket already, I need you to hear me out. Personalized baby blankets are (and have been for over 21 years) one of the best selling items in the store. Why? Because it is personalized.  And we offer so many choices from soft micro fleece, our own pima cotton receiving blankets, crib blankets, woven throws in so many color options and fonts/thread choices to make the perfect gift.  I am here to tell you that this gift will be one that is saved in their forever box. 

  2. Personalized Hooded Towel 

    This. Is. The. Best. Gift. Ever. And I’m not just saying this. We offer a full size hooded towel–and by full size I’m talking an adult size bath towel which features a hood on the long side. It is available in our standard pink or blue seersucker trim which we personalize with the baby’s name. This is a gift that will be used for years and we have seen it gifted for a new baby, First, Second, and Third Birthday and it is probably the most useful gift on the list. This baby gift is gorgeous and practical. It’s a gift that grows with baby! These towels also make great pool towels and you never have to worry about mixing them up because it is personalized!
  3. Personalized Baby Gift Basket

    When you want to gift something with a wow factor, select one of our custom gift baskets, which includes our favorites along with monogrammed bibs, burp cloths and clothing. Not sure what to give? Let us do the work and we will put together our favorites all within your budget. These gifts are great to welcome home a new baby or for a baby shower. Call or email us for something custom!

  4. Personalized Bibs and Burp Cloths

    Yes! Babies need these. And lots of them. So why not make them personalized for a special gift. We offer so many options and these are the best little gifts on their own, or as an add on to your gift. Any way you choose, I assure you these will be a hit. And we do custom embroideries to add to the bibs, like hearts, baseballs or a simple star. 

  5. Personalized Plush Toys and Soothers

    We are an authorized Jellycat stuffed animal retailer and offer so many cute options for baby. Whether you select the most popular baby item–the bunny, or one of the little comforter lovies or soother blankies, we can embroider the baby’s name to make it even more special. These are the pieces babies love and become attached to!  These are the softest plush on the market and with a sweet personalization, they are sure to become keepsakes too!


Make your baby gifts stand out with something unique. All embroidery is done in house and you get the credit for the best baby gift. Now that seems pretty easy. And if you are stuck on ideas, we are always available via phone and email to help you decide. Happy gifting!  

May 07, 2024 — Yata Deffigos